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Nunc dimittis by Paul Smith

Although it's incredibly early, I am turning my thoughts to the Buckfast Concert in July of 2021. Members of The King's Counterpoint, Contrapunctus and Counterpoint are joining forces on the evening of Saturday, 31st July to sing a concert in Buckfast Abbey. One of the pieces will be by singing is by Paul Smith. Paul was one of the founders of Voces 8 and he has written some hauntingly beautiful music, including a wonderful Nunc dimittis. I am trying to get hold of copies of this Song of Simeon and we will be singing the work in the Buckfast Abbey concert and also at Evensong, when The King's Counterpoint will be singing the weekly services in Canterbury Cathedral from 2nd August through to Sunday, 8th August. Have a listen here to Voces 8 singing the piece. Andrea Haines, the first soprano, sang with Counterpoint on several occasions, as did Chris Wardle who has since stopped singing with the ensemble.

Here is the link to click on:


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